13Aug 2018

It has been an eventful couple of months since our last blog post! The CheckPoint 3 has been very well received so far and people have been commenting on how versatile it is compared to the older CheckPoints and handheld Pac Checks. We’re also seeing more people who are interested in the LeakPointer II and […]

27Mar 2018

The CheckPoint 3, the latest portable headspace gas analyzer from Mocon/Dansensor, provides single O2 or combined (O2 & CO2) measurements from modified atmosphere packages (MAP) faster and with a higher degree of accuracy than its predecessors — the CheckPoint 1 and CheckPoint 2 — and comes in three variants to accommodate different data recording/exporting and user-access […]

25Nov 2016

The Leak Issue in MAP is Important for Your Product´s Shelf Life In Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) leaks are bad news. Now, new research has shown just how damaging even the tiniest leak can be. In a package where most of the oxygen has been flushed out, even a miniscule hole, half the diameter of […]

23Nov 2016

So you’ve had a hard day’s work and you are settling down before dinner in front of the TV with a packet of potato chips. You take each side of the bag between thumb and forefinger and pull gently, expecting the top of the bag to smoothly peel apart. But it doesn’t. So you pull […]

16Nov 2016

  Chlorine is a powerful oxidizer. When added to water it steals electrons from other substances, altering the chemical makeup of unwanted organisms and combining with dangerous inorganic compounds to render them harmless. A summary of the advantages of using the Hanna Sanitation System with Chlorine as a disinfecting agent are as follows: Cost effective […]

15Nov 2016

Accuracy in milk and dairy testing Dairy processing plants have a unique need for highly accurate, precise and repeatable instrumentation when dealing with both quality testing and payment testing. For decades, Bentley Instruments has been servicing laboratories with appropriately sized and scaled instruments for approved component and quality testing (fat, protein, lactose, somatic cell count, bacteria […]

11Nov 2016

The cosmetics industry racked up sales of about $170 billion last year.  That may seem like a lot of liquid eye liner, but the segment still shows strong rates of growth.  Underlying every successful cosmetic product is the ability to deliver consistent quality every time it’s purchased by a consumer.  Understanding how moisture affects quality […]

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