Stop your MAP processes from eating away at your profits by investing in a MAP audit!

The MAP audit looks at waste reduction, gas consumption, and quality assurance to identify areas where modified atmosphere packaging processes can be optimized

  • Increase the packaging speed
  • Minimize excess gas consumption
  • Reduce waste of packaging material
  • Ensure that your MAP equipment is operating at full capacity


A MAP Audit will improve processes and make sure the packaging equipment is operating at full capacity and delivering maximum value. In almost every MAP-line, there is an untapped potential of streamlining the packaging process. The audit helps you identify and exploit these opportunities in order to make it more cost-efficient.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: We visit your facility to conduct a review of your current Modified Atmosphere processes.

Step 2: We ask questions regarding your current MAP set-up (how many samples are taken per hour, gas consumption, amount of waste generated etc.)

Step 3: You will receive a report detailing the costs of your current MAP set-up, together with a number of suggestions for improvements.

Who will benefit from a MAP audit?

The MAP audit is a service for all food manufacturers using Modified Atmosphere Packaging as part of their production. The MAP audit report is an excellent starting point for management teams who wish to review the efficiency and cost of their MAP processes.

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