Bentley Somacount FC

The Somacount FC delivers a rapid and accurate measurement of somatic cell counts (SCC) for early mastitis detection in dairy milk. This proven system is designed for reliability, ease of use, and precision measurements and with analysis speeds of up to 150 samples/hour, it is ideal for small to mid-size laboratories that need an easy-to-maintain somatic cell counting system. Brochure


  • Ergonomic touch screen display monitor simplifies operator interface.
  • Powerful Windows-based software integrates simultaneous control, data collection, analysis, archiving, and report generation
  • Interferometer is laser-referenced and contained within a hermetically-sealed and temperature-regulated optical deck.
  • Internal heated reservoir provides for auto-rinse and auto-zero functions.
  • Proven optical deck provides highly accurate analysis of energy absorption over the entire mid-infrared spectrum.
  • Integrated sample heater allows for cold product analysis.
  • Laser-drilled pipette filters sample at inlet.
  • Front panel LEDs provide immediate visual feedback for operators on overall instrument status and operation.
  • Optional Autosampler for fully automated analysis
  • Wide variety of data output options to fit your lab’s information management system
  • Optional RFID or Barcode readers to automate data input and help keep track of data

Speed: up to 150 samples/hour

Work Factor: <100

Measurement Range: Up to 10,000,000 scc/mL

Cv <5.0% @ 100,000 scc/mL
Cv <3.0% @ 300,000 scc/mL
Cv <2.0% @ 500,000 scc/mL

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