CEM Smart Turbo Moisture/Solids Analyzer (Refurbished)

Let our 40 years' experience in moisture/solids analysis help you!

Control the moisture levels in your process with the CEM Smart Turbo. With results in less than 4 minutes (often in as little as 2), you can make changes to your product formulation in real-time rather than relying on the oven method which can take over 12 hours, or indirect methods that require frequent calibration.

  • Rapid, direct measurement – results within 4 minutes and no product calibrations needed
  • Simple methodology – weigh a sample, dry it, weigh it again
  • Handles a wide variety of samples, many can be analysed using the same parameters
  • Professionally refurbished using OEM parts
  • 1 year warranty
  • Precision: 0.01%
  • Range: 0.01% – 99.99%
  • Balance Capacity: 50g, 0.1mg readability
  • Programs: 100 methods, 300 results
  • Data Export: RS-232, Parallel, Built-in Printer
  • Electrical: 110-127 VAC 60Hz, 220-240 VAC 50Hz

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