MOCON Dansensor LeakPointer H2O

Off-Line Bubble Leak Tester

The Dansensor® LeakPointer H20 is the latest entry in Ametek Mocon's leak detector portfolio that helps you pinpoint the smallest leaks by the visual bubble emission method. It works on all kinds of packages, such as flexible, rigid, or semi-rigid, whether gas-flushed, air, or vacuum packed.

Operation and Use

The LeakPointer H20 is designed for simple operation; place the test package in the tub, close the lid, and start the instrument to begin testing. Adjust the pressure as needed and look for the bubbles to locate the leak. When you stop the test, the lid opens automatically and water drips back into the tub. It's also easy to take care of: with the built-in drain valve, quick-release hose, and a removeable rounded tub, there's no messy overfill, no heavy lifting, and no hard to reach corners to clean!

Alone or in Tandem

The LeakPointer H2O is the perfect addition to your quality control process; it can be used alone, or, for the ultimate in leak detection, it can be paired with the Dansensor LeakPointer 3 - first to determine if there is a leak with a rapid, non-destructive leak test, and then use the LeakPointer H20 to locate the leak's exact location.

To find out more about the LeakPointer 3, please download our LeakPointer H2O data sheet or contact our sales team today!

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