MOCON Dansensor® MAP Check 3 Vacuum

The MAP Check 3 Vacuum gas analyzers lets you conduct quality control checks on-line, expediting the production cycle and cutting down on costs associated with random/offline QA testing. By measuring gas composition on a continuous basis, it ensures that each and every package is flushed to spec.

  • Stops the packaging machine if preset gas limits are exceeded
  • Measures every packaging cycle
  • Continuous process monitoring of gas content
  • Avoids recalls.repacking by stopping packaging machine if machine exceeds preset limits.

More Information

To find out more about the CheckPoint 3, please download our MAP Check 3 Vacuum or contact our sales team today!

  • Oxygen or combined oxygen and carbon dioxide measurement
  • Alarms for low or high gas concentrations
  • Improved data logging capabilities with USB and Ethernet
  • Ability to control the Map Mix Provectus gas mixer
  • Delivered with PC software for LAN based data collection
  • Optional measurement of buffer tank gas composition and pressure. User configurable alarms.

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