MOCON Dansensor® Lippke 4500/4000 for Leak and Seal Integrity Testing

Providing provide accurate, reproducible test results — be it in the lab or on the production floor — the Lippke 4000/4500 is an integrated package test system that measures the seal strength and integrity of flexible, rigid, or semi-rigid packages. Brochure

  • Tests: Burst, creep, leak, bubble
  • Single and multi-test capabilities
  • Designed for all types of packages
  • PC-controllable
  • Bubble test option available with Lippke 4500
  • Test time: 1- 10,000 sec
  • Test programs: 500

Lippke® 4000 is a standalone system with an integrated user interface and is used in both production and laboratory settings. Perform a seal integrity test or leak test easily.Lippke® 4500 is a computerised system (requires a PC monitor) that provides extended analysis capabilities, data storage, and documentation of test results. It comes with the Bubble test option and is ideal for high-volume leak and seal strength testing.

Compliant with: ASTM F-1140, ASTM F-2054, ASTM F-2095, ASTM F-2096, ISO 11607

  • High-flow option for  testing porous packages (i.e. Tyvek®)
  • Flow sensor calculates actual hole size
  • FDA/ASTM/ISO Compliant (see “Features” tab)
  • Validation documentation for IQ/OQ
  • Integrates easily with multiple interfaces (LAN, USB & Bluetooth)
  • Immediate availability of test results
  • Can be operated with barcode reader or touchscreen
  • One system for package testing & oxygen analysis
  • Multilingual

pd320482           Multi test software (for lippke 4000)

pd320482           Multi test software (for lippke 4500)

pd320481           Creep test (for lippke 4500)

pd320409           Closed package assembly

pd320440           ASTM restraining plates

pd320453           Pneumatic package clamp

pd320455           Pneumatic package clamp  w/ restraining plates (ppc 300 ii)

pd320432           IV bag adapter

pd320535           Simple needle assembly

pd320546           Septums (grey)

pd320545           Septums (black)

pd320537           Needle head – sharp

pd320538           Needle head – blunt (closed package assembly)

pd320539           Needle – twin type

pd320526           Filter set

pd320021           Barcode scanner

pd050151           USB to serial adapter (model 4500)

i.q. / o.q. – system qualification documentation (lippke® units)

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