MOCON OpTech®-O2 Model P

Measure Oxygen without Piercing your Package

The OpTech-O2 Model P from AMETEK MOCON allows you to measure oxygen in packages with small amounts of headspace that other instruments cannot!
The technology behind the OpTech uses an optical sensor that will fluoresce, or give off light, which is directly related to the amount of oxygen present in the headspace in a package or that is dissolved in the case of a liquid product.

Several Testing Modes for Ultimate Flexibility

The first thing you're asking yourself is "Why is there a needle? How is this different from any other oxygen analyzer?" The answer is that unlike other oxygen analyzers, the sensor is built into the needle itself! Other oxygen analyzers pump the sample though a needle and into a sensor. For most package types, this is perfectly suitable, but with some packages such as blister packs, there isn't enough gas in each blister to properly purge the sample lines and deliver a reliable reading. With the OpTech, the needle is inserted into the package and the gas inside the package reacts with the sensor mounted in the needle to deliver a reliable reading without extracting any sample!

Sticker Sensors
The sticker sensors are self-adhering and mount to the inside of a package. As seen in the picture to the left, the sticker is attached to the inside of the packaging film and the OpTech-O2 is able to take a reading without penetrating the film!

ImPulse™ Sensors
The ImPulse sensor is ideal for situations where the sticker sensors cannot be seen by the OpTech-O2 such as opaque packaging. These sensors are especially ideal for carrying out shelf-life studies where traditionally, several packages are tested over a period of time and is based on the assumption that all packages are the same and that they have the proper seal integrity. With the OpTech's ImPulse Sensor, one sensor is attached to one package which can then be tested and monitored over short or long periods of time, which eliminates any errors from having to test multiple packages which may not be identical.

More Information
To find out more about the OpTech-O2 Model P, please download our OpTech-O2 Model P Data Sheet or contact our sales team today!

  • No gas extraction
  • Fast reading of O2
  • Shelf life testing
  • Headspace measuring
  • Non-invasive measurement
  • Light weight
  • PC software included
  • Invasive needle

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