Mocon Pac Check 300 Series

The PAC CHECK® Models 302 and 325 are portable and handheld oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzers for checking modified atmospheres inside packages. The PAC CHECK Model 333 is also able to measure carbon monoxide. All three are the ideal instruments for portable, fast and accurate headspace tests on the packaging line, in warehouses or in laboratories. The PAC CHECK Series has the ability to store 240 readings so you can be certain that QA/QC checks are being performed. The PAC CHECK Series can also download the stored data to your computer via the optional Data GrabTMsoftware. The PAC CHECK Model 302 is the ideal instrument for sample tests with only a minimum gas required for even the smallest packs in a Modified Atmosphere Package. Featuring Cal-Smart® (Model 302 & 325) gives you two-point full range calibration of O2 at the touch of a button. Cal-Smart® uses no calibration gas and ensures an accurate test reading...everytime.

  • Test more packages. Fast response time: within 7 -11 seconds (Model 302 & 325)
  • Long-lasting batteries for a full day’s work. Take up to 500 samples on one full charge
  • Rugged protective boot to prevent damage when dropped
  • Cal-Smart®, MOCON’s on-demand, no tank gas, smart O2 calibration system (Model 302 & 325).
  • Simple and accurate 1, 2 , 3-point calibration



  • Portable
  • Fast and accurate results
  • Easy-to-use and read
  • Easy calibration with Cal-Smart®


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