Matrix Instruments MOJO-60 Mark II Fat Extraction Shaker

Automation for the Mojonnier Fat Testing Method

Originally developed in our ISO accredited laboratory, the MOJO-60 Fat Extraction Shaker is designed to standardize and simplify the shaking steps of the Mojonnier/Roese-Gottlieb fat analysis method.

Eliminate Repetitive Motion Injuries

One of the most common complaints about the Mojonnier method is that it requires the technician to shake the sample flask vigourously each time reagent is added, which adds up quickly: up to 9 times per sample! The MOJO-60 saves this wear and tear on your technician by doing the shaking for them. The result is a more consistent shaking and fewer sore arms and wrists.

Saves up to 15 minutes per batch

The result is improved laboratory throughput by shaking all 8 flasks equally at once and the math is quite simple: the Mojonnier method calls for 5 minutes of vigourous shaking per sample = 20 minutes per batch of 8 samples, if we shake two at a time. With the MOJO-60, we shake all 8 together at once for a total of 5 minutes.

Using the MOJO-60 is Easy!

Place the sample tube buckets into the MOJO-60's specially designed holder, lock them in place, and press the button! Thanks to the rubber flaps, the flasks stay tightly in place and the MOJO-60 shakes the samples for exactly 60 seconds as prescribed by the Mojonnier method. This eliminates the need to remove individual flasks from the bucket for shaking as well as discrepancies between technicians for improved reproducibility.

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