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Get more out of your distillation unit.

The KjelROC Distillation Unit may appear at first glance to be the new kid on the block, but it's actually packed with several decades worth of Swedish engineering experience. The KjelROC distillation system offers full control of the Kjeldahl distillation process at a low cost, without sacrificing quality.

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  • Automatic alkali, dilution water addition and tube emptying
  • Auto Models have automatic receiver solution dispensing
  • Built-in data handling system with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Variable power steam generator
  • Safety sensors for distillation tube, safety door, and splash head door
  • Choice of glass or poly splash head for high volume analysis
  • Save Time & Money: the KjelROC distillation system automates the basic elements of traditional Kjeldahl distillation with the ability to store multiple distillation progams
  • Safer: traditional Kjeldahl distillation involve heating elements and glassware with very little in the way of operator protection
  • More reproducible: automatic temperature monitoring and timers ensure that each distillation is carried out the same way
  • Intuitive: the high-end touchscreen simplifies operation
  • Scalable: its modular system is fully upgradeable to an analyzer
  • Automated: Alkali, receiver solution, and water addition saves time
  • Robust: Corrosion-resistant construction
  • OL-TU-220-A   CONICAL FLASK, 250mL (12/CASE)
  • OL-KT-210-A   TABLET, MISSOURI, KJELDAHL, 0.3% Cu, 5g (1000/BOX)
  • OL-KT-211-A    TABLET, MISSOURI, KJELDAHL, 0.3% Cu, 3.5g (1000/BOX)
  • OL-KT-230-A   TABLET, UNIVERSAL, KJELDAHL, 9% Cu, 5g (1000/BOX)

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