KjelROC Scrubber

Increase safety and instrument longevity in your laboratory with the KjelROC scrubber.Thanks to its corrosion-resistant design and high quality components, the Scrubber safely collects and neutralizes the vapours given off by the Kjeldahl digestion process. With 6 different power levels, you can control the suction precisely and ensure that you capture all fumes at the beginning of the digestion, and then reduce the power as the reaction subsides to ensure a clean, even digestion.

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  • Closed system that can eliminate vapors directly from the manifold
  • Easily accessible bottles make it easy to change reagents
  • Small footprint allows the Scrubber to be located near the digester
  • Built with high quality materials, resistant to corrosion to ensure a long service life
  • No exposure to corrosive fumes
  • Built-in pump saves water
  • Small footprint saves bench space
  • Adjustable suction helps ensure even digestion
  • OL-TU-220-A   CONICAL FLASK, 250mL (12/CASE)
  • OL-KT-210-A   TABLET, MISSOURI, KJELDAHL, 0.3% Cu, 5g (1000/BOX)
  • OL-KT-211-A    TABLET, MISSOURI, KJELDAHL, 0.3% Cu, 3.5g (1000/BOX)
  • OL-KT-230-A   TABLET, UNIVERSAL, KJELDAHL, 9% Cu, 5g (1000/BOX)

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