SoxROC Extraction Unit

The SoxROC is an automated instrument for hot solvent extraction and for the extraction of fat according to official methods. It is based on the Randall and Twisselmann methods which reduce extraction time compared to the classical Soxhlet method.

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To find out more about the SoxROC, please download our SoxROC Data Sheet or contact our sales team today!

  • Available in 2- or 6-position extractors
  • Extract up to 42 samples per day with no loss in precision or accuracy
  • Automates all extraction steps
  • Innovative batch handling reduces risk of error
  • Typically up to 5x faster than classical Soxhlet extraction
  • Safe: Protective shielding, closed solvent addition, and easy removal of recovered solvents
  • Reduce Costs: Unique sealing system with more than 90% recovery reduces solvent costs and low water consumption
  • Rapid: Extract up to 42 samples per day at a rate of up to 5x faster than classical Soxhlet extraction


  • OL-SX-040-A    CELLULOSE THIMBLES, 33x80mm (25/PK)
  • OL-SX-041-A    CELLULOSE THIMBLES, 25x80mm (25/PK)
  • OL-SX-044-A    CELLULOSE THIMBLES, 40x80mm (25/PK)
  • OL-SX-045-A    GLASS MICROFIBRE THIMBLES, 33x80mm (25/PK)
  • OL-SX-046-A    GLASS MICROFIBRE THIMBLES, 40x80mm (25/PK)

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