Funke-Gerber | SuperVario-N Centrifuge for Fat Testing

This benchtop centrifuge offers exceptional versatility, reliability, and safety. Users can easily select between 4 methods for fat analysis: Babcock, Gerber, Mojonnier, and Solubility.

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Programmable rotor speed from 600-1130 rpm
  • Programmable heater from ambient up to 68°C in 1°C increments
  • Programmable time from 1 to 99 minutes
  • Automatic lid lock, imbalance switch, and automatic brake

More information

To find out more about the SuperVario-N Centrifuge, please download our SuperVario-N Centrifuge Data Sheet or contact our sales team today!

  • Easy Handling:
  • 5 selectable modes for centrifugatio
  • Speed/RCA* (adjustable from 600 to 1200 rpm)
  • Temperature (adjustable from amb. temp. to 68°C)
  • Centrifugation time (adjustable from 1 to 99 minutes)
  • Strainless steel centrifugation drum
  • Security lid locking device
  • Automatic unbalance switch-off
  • Electrical brake

*Relative Centrifugal Acceleration


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