Bentley Instruments

Bentley Instruments is a leading manufacturer of milk and dairy products. Their innovative instruments are designed to be easy to use, reliable and accurate, making them the #1 choice of dairy industry professionals worldwide.

Analyze milk, cream, yogurt, sour cream, whey, ice cream and frozen desserts with more precision and ease.

Bentley BactoCount IBC

The Bentley BactoCount IBC is a fully automated instrument that uses flow cytometry for the rapid enumeration of individ.... read more

Bentley Bactocount IBC-m

The BactoCount IBC-m is a semi-automated instrument that uses flow cytometry for the rapid enumeration of individual bac.... read more

Bentley FTS/FCM Combi

Based on Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTIR), this unit measures the fat, protein, lactose., somatic cells and variou.... read more

Bentley DairySpec FT | FTIR Dairy Products Analyzer

Why wait around?

Optimize your dairy process with the fastest milk analyzer

But don't wor.... read more

Bentley Somacount FC

The Somacount FC delivers a rapid and accurate measurement of somatic cell counts (SCC) for early mastitis detection in .... read more

Bentley Chemspec 150

The ChemSpec 150 has been specifically designed for the determination of urea (or MUN) in milk. Accurate, compact, fast .... read more

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