Gas Analyzers Inline

Are you still relying on random spot testing for the quality control of your modified atmosphere packages? Are you feeling lucky?

Think about it. If your packaging machine is producing 90 packages per minute and you are testing 5 or 6 packages every 10 minutes, you’re only testing about 0.6% of your production. Here’s a handy reference chart for determining the percentage of packages tested:

With the MAP Check 3 series from Mocon Europe, you can step up to quality assurance and test every package being produced to make sure that the gas levels are in spec. The MAP Check 3 is able to continuously measure the gas levels directly at the sealing point as the package is being sealed. The MAP Check is also designed to flag the operator and even stop the packaging machine if desired so that if the gas levels are wrong, you don’t waste time and money on expensive re-work. With the MAP Check 3 PC Software and several data export modes, you can capture the data from your MAP Check(s) and manage it quickly and easily.

There are a wide variety of analyzers to choose from for horizontal and vertical form, fill, sealing (H/VFFS) systems, as well as for thermoform and tray seal applications. Contact us today to find out how we can help upgrade your MAP packaging process today!

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