Package Testing Services

Oxygen & Water Vapour Permeation Rate Testing

We offer oxygen and water vapour transmission rate (OTR/WVTR) in films and packages testing according to ASTM D3985, F1927, F1307, and F1249.
  • Test permeability of films/barriers to ensure package integrity
  • Ideal option if your barrier material(s) undergo changes
  • Ideal for those who have to change suppliers and need to qualify materials from new suppliers to ensure they meet requirements
  • Ideal for those who don’t have an in-house lab or need quick turnaround

Package Integrity

» Seal Strength

  • Burst open/closed with restraining plates ASTM F2054
  • Burst open/closed without restraining plates ASTM F2095
  • Creep and Creep-to-Fail, according to ASTM F1140

» Leak Detection

  • Pressure Decay ASTM F2096
  • Bubble Method ASTM D3078, ASTM F2096
  • CO2 Vacuum Chamber Emission Test

» Headspace Gas Analysis for Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide in Modified Atmosphere Packages (MAP) 


  • Food/Beverage Packaging/Films
  • Aluminum foil and metalized PET-Film (PET-met)
  • Laminated Films
  • Multilayer Films
  • OLED/Electronic devices
  • Flexible and Rigid Packaging
  • Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Packaging/Films
  • Many other applications..

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